No-fox Firefox: Good or Bad?

In June, Mozilla officially announced an upcoming change in Firefox’s brand identity system. This change, according to Mozilla, is necessary to adapt to the growth and expansion of the Firefox brand – not only as a browser but as a system of applications and technology products, including Firefox Send, Firefox Monitor, Firefox Lockwise. Accordingly, not only logos but the entire color palette and systems of typeface and shapes will “evolve” to become more diverse, eye-catching and flexible.

The new identity system came into being after an 18-month-long exploration and conceptual process involving the entire community of Firefox users. The biggest surprise in the newly revealed logo is perhaps the lack of the fox that has been a staple image for the Firefox brand for the past many years. However, surveying users has shown that most people do not feel the absolute need to include the fox image in the new logo – or in other words, people do not need to see the fox to recognize Firefox. Furthermore, in reality, the foxless logo is the logo of the Firefox parent brand, whereas the Firefox web browser logo will still appear in a new form: softer and more dynamic.

In the coming months, Firefox will continue to develop and expand its new brand identity. For the creative team involved in the Firefox rebranding project, the change does not equal a 360-degree transformation that diverts from existing values, but is more about evolving, adapting and building on the foundation of a strong brand recognized by tens of millions of users around the world.

According to a small survey conducted on Raconteur Vietnam’s Facebook page, (see more: http://bit.ly/2YIHq2C), amongst 186 participants, 92 (accounting for 51%) prefers Firefox’s new logo, whereas the remaining 91 (equal to 49%) seem to believe that Firefox should have kept its old logo. Some participants have commented on the incoherence within the new identity system of Firefox, in which Firefox Browser has quite a different look compared to its 3 peers – Send, Monitor and Lockwise. Firefox’s color choice was also critiqued as being too similar to the Instagram’s color palette, which could potentially cause some confusions among users.

We will continue to look forward to the unveiling of next pieces of the new Firefox brand, which is expected to be officially in use from 2020.

Source: https://blog.mozilla.org/opendesign/firefox-the-evolution-of-a-brand/

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